Tree Care

Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance Ltd currently offer a range of Arboricultural Services to a large group of clients as follows:


Our experienced Tree Care Managers can visit your home and garden to offer guidance and practical solutions with problems that you may be experiencing with trees, where it concerns :

  • light issues into your home
  • trees that have grown too big for their position
  • trespass from neighbouring trees into your garden
  • root problems with infrastructure or dealing with a statutory notice from DoE Roads Service regarding trees hanging low over footpaths or roadways
  • reduction of tall Conifer hedges and screens
  • removal of troublesome tree stumps
  • shrub pruning
  • hedge pruning
  • mortgage reports
  • health & safety / condition report surveys.


This area of our service is dedicated to a range of clients that would normally have a large amount of trees within their custody, usually in the multi site locations and in a business or public service environment.

Our Tree Care Managers can offer you professional advice as to the maintenance and care of your trees with regards to :

  • hazard and potential tree failure identification
  • public liability risk management
  • planned cyclical maintenance of trees, shrubs and hedges
  • removal of nuisance due to branches overhanging neighbouring property
  • tree pruning
  • tree felling
  • arboricultural consultancy




This discipline includes crown reduction, crown thinning and crown lifting, all of which contribute to reducing the overall size of the tree and it wind sail effect, and increase natural light and sunlight.

These operations are carried out whilst observing aesthetic form and balance, so as to maximise the visual amenity of the tree.  All our pruning work is carried out to BS3998 (Industry Standard) and all timber and branch debris is removed and areas left tidy.


Where trees are deemed to be dead, diseased or dangerous then they will need to be removed on a Health & Safety basis.  It may be that trees would have to be removed to facilitate development, or simply have out grown their position.  In every case, tree removal is carried out in a careful and measured way, either with the use of ropes and other dismantling kit with or in some cases with the aid of a mobile crane.  All our tree felling operations are carried out by us to BS BS3998 (Industry Standard) and timber and branch debris is removed with areas being left tidy.


Historically this operation has been a large part of our business, due to the sheer volume of Conifer hedges and tree ‘screens’ planted over the last 30 years.  We carry out various levels of Conifer tree maintenance and annual facing and topping to major reduction in height or complete removal!


Where trees have been removed for any reason, it is desirable to grind out the stump to avoid a trip hazard, or to allow soiling over and grass seeding.  Stumps are also better removed so as to try and prevent the onset of Honey Fungus, which thrives off subterranean woody material.


We offer this service to owners of woodland, which may require staged thinning out or eventual harvesting.  Creating woodland pathways and clearing of fallen trees may also be required.


This is a service that we offer to owners of trees to appraise them of the Health and Safety and potential liability.  Recommendations are then made to reduce or remove this potential liability.


As a result of our tree surgery operations, we produce a large amount of chipped up branch debris (known as woodchips) and also recover tree trunks and cordwood that are not retained by our clients.  The woodchips are composted in our custom built silo and after a period, are then turned and screened before sale to Landscapers and Gardeners for a variety of uses.  The cordwood and trunks are sold on to firewood merchants and users of multi fuelled stoves and fires, with delivery or collection being available.