Recycled Products


The only practical way to deal with significant amounts of branch debris produced from pruning or felling operations is to use a professional wood chipper.  The action of putting branches through this high capacity machine, reduces the volume by a factor of approx 7 : 1 and makes handling the arisings much easier, as the chipped branch material is blown directly into one of our custom built tipping lorries.

It is then brought back to our recycling area at Carryduff, where the woodchip is tipped off and then mounded up by our mechanical handler.  By this time the process of composting has commenced and by the first 24 hours of being in the bulk pile of chippings, heat will have started to be felt in the chips, produced by the micro-organisms involved in the breaking down of the fresh green chips.  The large pile is then turned on a regular basis in order to aerate the chips and ensure complete composting.

At the end of approx 6 months, the final movement of the woodchip pile is carried out in concert with a screening machine which separates coarser chip material, to produce an even grade of composted woodchips which is now ready for sale.

The Company provide a delivery service for the composted woodchips in four sizes, 5m³, 7½m³, 15m³ or 20m³.  Customers who have the ability to collect are loaded at our yard by our handler.

Composted woodchips have a variety of uses in Horticulture and Amenity areas as follows:

  • Mulching flower beds, borders, bushes, shrubs
  • Pathways
  • Woodland walkways
  • Animal bedding
  • Equestrian areas

The use of composted woodchips is beneficial in a variety of ways :

  • Effective and decorative
  • 100% natural product with no additives
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 1 cubic metre covers 10 square metres (approx) at a depth of 75mm deep for weed suppression
  • Helps to retain moisture in the soil
  • Protects the ‘open’ ground from frost
  • Breaks down naturally over time to enrich the soil