Arboricultural Consultancy

This specialised service is provided by Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance Ltd to owners of trees or woodlands in order to appraise them of the Health and Safety and potential liability of trees within their duty of care.

Our qualified surveyor will visit the site, attach numbered tags to each tree and then record the following data:

  • Tree number
  • Species
  • DBH (Diameter at breast height)
  • Height (m)
  • Crown spread (m)
  • Condition (poor, fair, good)
  • Recommendations

This data (along with digital photographs) is compiled in a hard copy Tree Survey report format which is then presented to the client for perusal and consideration.  This document can then be used as a management and maintenance tool and the work recommended can then be costed by our Tree Care Managers or other Arborists.

A Tree Survey Report is a proper measured way of determining any potential liability with trees prone to failure, especially where these trees are sited close to roadways, buildings or infrastructure.

Reports of this nature are also required during the lead up to house, property or land purchase, especially where the Planning Service is involved with a new construction proposal.

Here, our surveyor has an in depth knowledge of BS5837 and can advise Architects and Planners regarding the suitability and longevity of trees in proximity to a proposed new construction.