Corporate Social Responsibility

Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance Ltd take corperate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously and are encouraged by what local authorities, major utilities and retail companies like Tesco and NIE have done. As such, we have pledged to do our utmost in supporting CSR and helping Camphill Community and various Primary Schools with the provision of our woodchip by-product.


Honesty is a word that is over used in many industries, but the checks and balances in our organisation means that transparency on charges, customer service and staff management issues will drive change and continuous improvement. On a regular basis service and remuneration satisfaction is measured to ensure that our customers are not only happy, but would actively promote Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance Ltd as a professional and caring enterprise.


Like other responsible organisations, we take the environmental consequences of our business very seriously and try to reduce the environmental impact of our operations whenever possible, We aim to reduce, re-use and re-cycle equipment and waste via compliance with all relevant legislation and best practice models, and to that end CCTM are holders of a Waste Carriers License.  We also actively recycle and refine our woodchip by-product that is recovered to our facility in Carryduff, to render it into an evenly graded product which is then available for a wide variety of horticultural uses, such as flower bed weed control, path surfaces and children’s play areas.


We are also committed to exploring new ways of saving energy, whether it is fuel in our vehicles or electricity in our buildings. We currently operate a vehicle efficiency monitoring system, where a weekly computer generated report is produced to compare the fuel usage of all the vehicles in our fleet against a known standard, and then vehicles  that are under performing can be inspected to find out the causes, and a remedy can then be sought. Electricity usage is also monitored, and a number of high powered outside lights are fitted with timers, with inside lights and power sockets being turned off when not required.


A common criticism of being green is that it will hit the profitability of the business and the Industry. At Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance Ltd, we are willing to sacrifice a small percentage of our profit margin for the good of the environment, whilst still delivering a competitive and quality service to our customers.


The care or social aspects of a responsible and sustainable business is one of the most challenging in a very competitive and mature industry. However, we take this very seriously and believe that investment in job and career opportunities for young and challenged people will bring about a fairer society.